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Treehouse World Development Director

Erik, Development Director at Treehouse World.

Erik has spent over twenty years leading small groups on wilderness expeditions throughout the Canadian North including several canoe trips to Hudson’s Bay.  He has also trained in the arts of climbing, sailing, skiing, sea kayaking, dog mushing and caving as a senior field instructor and course director with Outward Bound programs in North Carolina, the Florida Everglades, Costa Rica, Baffin Island and New Zealand.

Additionally, Erik has lead leadership programs and taught courses with both Cornell Outdoor Education and Penn State University.  With a master’s in Organizational Development from Case Western Reserve, he has worked internationally as a management consultant employing breakthrough thinking approaches for Fortune 500  companies and various government agencies including the FBI and Border Patrol.

In the nonprofit sector, Erik has served as a board placement matchmaker with Leadership Philadelphia.  Most recently, Erik has been climbing the hawsepipe as an AB on an Aleutian freighter, acquiring a navigational understanding of the Inside Passage.  He is licensed as a 100-Ton Near Coastal Master, which he plans to use to captain the 56’ authentic viking ship, Valkyrie, which is currently under construction in the Pacific Northwest.

Erik and Dan met a hand-full of years ago and they built treehouses together for one summer season in between a couple of Erik's world adventures. That might have been it, until Erik caught wind of Treehouse World when the land and woods had just been purchased in late 2014, and the opportunity to build a one of a kind adventure park from the ground up seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.