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Oak Leaf Treehouse Platform

Leaf Treehouse Platform

Aerial Shot of Leaf Treehouse Platform

The oak leaf treehouse is an activity platform over 40 feet long set in 5 oak trees. The platform is our largest solid deck space in the trees, and is therefore the best spot for our yoga classes, arboreal picnics, and other group gatherings. The platform gives you a commanding view of the upper woodland area of Treehouse World. It is easy to access by a regular staircase, so the young at heart can get aloft and be a part of the treehouse experience without climbing anything too steep.

The front left lobe of the leaf treehouse has a balance beam bridge that leads to a rope bridge, then to another platform, and then another bridge on the way to the front of the train treehouse near the coal tender. So, you can walk about 150 feet without touching the ground.



For background information on the process of building this treehouse, please see our leaf treehouse construction page.