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Small Animal Mini-Farm

We currently keep the following animals at Treehouse World:

Feeding time at the Chicken Castle

Chickens & Guinea Hens: These birds live in a Chicken Castle (large coop) and roam the property during the days we are open. They generally do not want to be picked up, but many children follow them around and enjoy watching them (and chasing them).

Guinea Hens peeking in the office.

The birds were originally brought here because they are voracious eaters of ticks, and we did not like the idea of treating the entire property with chemicals several times each year for environmental reasons. We bring in new baby chicks each year during the months of April, May, and June, and this is a great time to be able to pick them up (gently) before they are large enough to join the adult flock in mid-summer. Children may hold the chicks with an adult or staff member present. Please ask if assistance is needed.

Daisy and Pepper

Bunnies: Our bunnies have a two level pen with retractable roof. Adult or staff members can pick up and hold the bunnies for children to pet, but hold carefully as they may jump down and run into the thickets where she will be difficult to catch, and this might result in her being eaten by a predator. Please ask if assistance is needed, as they can decide to kick or scratch in effort to get away. Children love to bring weeds & grass to the rabbit - they eat anything green, but prefer dandelions, wildflowers, broad leaf weeds, and leftover raw vegetables and apple cores.

Baby Guinea Hens Under the Heat Lamp