Treehouse World

Phone: 484-329-7853 Address: 1442 Phoenixville Pike West Chester, PA, 19380

Hours / Pricing

Admission & Pricing

Seasonal Hours

2018 SeasonHours of Operation
Summer Season
June 11, 2018 -
September 2, 2018
Open to the public:
Monday - Thursday - 10AM to 5PM
Friday - Sunday - 10AM to 7PM
Early CloseWednesday, July 4, 2018
10AM - 3PM
NOTE:*Additional Open Days for Select "School Holidays" will be announced on our Facebook page.

All adventure activities close 1 hour prior to closing.

Establishment reserves the right to close the park earlier than posted due to inclement weather or if attendance is low. If you plan to visit Treehouse World later in the day, please make sure we are open. You can call us at 484-329-7853. Thank you for your understanding!

For Groups, Parties, and Field Trips

Treehouse World is open for group events any time or day of the week, by reservation.

Office Hours

For all other needs, please contact us during our regular office hours Monday - Friday 8AM - 3PM

Admissions & Pricing

2018 Treehouse World Pricing:

Explorer PassWarrior Woods, Treehouses, Trails, Tomahawk throwing, Archery Target and one Adventure Activity.$22.50
Adventure PassWarrior Woods, Treehouses, Trails, Tomahawk throwing, Archery Target and 3 adventure activities*.$33.75
Super Adventure PassUnlimited access to Treehouse World and all adventure activities*.$45.00
Valley Creek Aerial TourThe guided course includes 3 Ziplines and 8 Bridge crossings that take you high above the headwaters of the Valley Creek. Advance reservations are required.$60.00
Adult ParticipantGuest participant with paying child on Explorer Pass.$12.00
  • Buccaneer Zipline (2 passes)

  • Walk the Plank (2 total jumps.  Initial jump must be from 20' and the second  jump from 35')

  • Tree Climbing (Try different trees, once you leave the area your Adventure Activity is complete)

  • Archery Tag (2 games - minimum 6 participants)

*excludes Valley Creek Aerial Tour

Non-participating guests accompanying a paying child and guests 2 and under are free

Please visit the Treehouse World's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page for Height and Weight Restrictions prior to your visit to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone!